At IPP, We have taken great care in selection of our machines, raw materials, infrastructure and most importantly our Team.

Our team realizes that Supply Management and Operational Management are key to provide consistent, safe and reliable packaging materials to our customers.

Hence we have developed stringent policies which cover Raw Material Procurement, Pre-Press Inspection and In line Product Testing at every Processing stage prior to final dispatch.

We retain samples from each batch and have complete traceability records to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our team is trained to maintain the premises in order to comply with food safety regulations by having regular pest control checks, plant hygiene and personal hygiene to ensure we deliver our materials to the delight of our

Our Quality Standards are audited and certified by reputed Third Party Certification Bodies to ensure our procedures are always updated to the highest standards.


Bond/Seal Strength, Dart Impact,
Static C.O.F
Cold/Heat Seal, Burst strength,
Pin Hole measurement,
Compression Strength,
Seal Leakage,
Scuff Resistance,
Equipment Calibration,
Verification of Tape Measures,
In line Print Defect detection and Labelling